BIOSWITCH Online Matchmaking event

The online matchmaking event establishes a virtual marketplace where different actors from the bio-based industry can meet representatives from other private companies, industrial organisations and/or researchers from universities and research institutes.

The purpose of the matchmaking event is to facilitate new contacts within the bio-based value chain. For instance, new contacts could be between:

  • A supplier of bio-based product components and a brand owner with a wish to replace certain fossil-based components with bio-based product components.
  • A supplier of bio-based packaging and a brand owner with a wish to replace fossil-based packaging.
  • A technology provider or a bio-based feedstock supplier and a producer of bio-based packaging.

The matchmaking event can also facilitate new contacts between researchers and representatives from private companies to start collaboration about research, development, test, and demonstration of new bio-based solutions.

This is how it works

  • The first step is to decide about the scoping of the event. This involves describing the overall theme of the event and the corresponding target group.
  • To promote the event, attract participants and to set the scene a webinar program is made with speakers presenting new results of relevance for the overall event theme.
  • An event website is launched with a description of the overall theme and a possibility to register for the event.
  • In the weeks before the event registered persons can screen the profiles of the other participants and learn more about the offered solutions and requests from the organisations that these persons represent.
  • Participants can ask for one-to-one meetings with other participants of interest through a functionality of the event website.
  • The webinar including presentations followed by a questions and answering-session is taking place 4-7 days before the matchmaking event.
  • On the day of the matchmaking-session the registered persons log on to the event website and then join the one-to-one online meetings, which have been scheduled in the weeks up to the event. Each online meeting has a duration of 20 minutes.
  • If a possibility for a collaboration is identified during the meeting the participants conclude with an agreement on how to proceed. The next step could e.g. be a follow-up online meeting or it could be a physical visit to meet and discuss face-to-face.

Do you have an idea for an online matchmaking event?

Are you looking for new collaboration partners within the bio-based value chain, e.g. bio-based industries, technology providers, universities, research institutes or consultants? Then an online matchmaking event could be a relevant tool for screening a wide range of actors in the bio-based value chain and for making the first contact without spending time and money for travelling.

Service providers

Finland | CLIC Innovation Oy | Tiina Laiho

Belgium | Flanders’ FOOD | Emma Sidgwick (only attending request from Belgium companies)

Denmark | Food and Bio Cluster Denmark | Thorkild Frandsen

Spain | Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA)

Don’t hesitate to contact BIOSWITCH to discuss the possibilities for setting up an online matchmaking event. Just Send us an email to or contact us in this link: