Trying to find new partners for your BIOSWITCH journey?

Sometimes the transition to bio-based processes, products and strategies might require the (re)definition of value-chains for your company, finding new partners and establishing new alliances.

We can support you!

We can organise a “Build me the value chain” workshop where you can be the focal point, involving bio-based industry so that new connections and business opportunities can be spotted in order to build the new value chain that the transition to bio-based approaches might demand. The objective is:

  • To help you in the development of the new supply/value chains that the bio-based transition demands.
  • To identify possible projects between you and other stakeholders (only private-private or private-public) in the field of innovation.
  • To disseminate and communicate the strategy and the innovation aspects of your organisation with the purpose of gaining notoriety and positioning at local/regional/EU level and generate influence in new projects related to innovation and technological avant-garde (public and private), especially when transitioning to bio-based approaches.

An event to fit your needs

The workshop can be done face-to-face or online. Usually, it’s done in a “Petit Committee” style where you can feel comfortable presenting your needs and challenges (creating a “trust worthy” environment).

The agenda would include the presentation of your RDI strategy and the different challenges you are facing in your BIOSWITCH journey so you can find among the audience organisations with the know-how needed to support you.

In order to trigger real connections between the you and potential suppliers, partners, etc., a set of bilateral meetings is scheduled at the end of the event. These are bilateral meetings between one representative from your organisation and the attendee. If the Major BO desires so, the cluster partner can be present as well, but this is not mandatory since the main aim here is that the Major BO and attendee can feel comfortable regarding confidentiality issues.

These bilateral meetings would be requested by the attendees when registering at the event. In order to promote fruitful meetings, information about their motivation, value added for the Major BO and any other information of interest will be asked. Regarding the attendees profile, private sector organisations would be desirable. Bioproducts providers, auxiliary equipment, waste management companies, etc.

The BIOSWITCH team will take care of finding the right attendees that can be of interest for you. Event organisation, attendees invitation, communication actions and post-event follow-up will be provided as well so you can make the most out of this opportunity.

Service providers

Finland | CLIC Innovation Oy | Tiina Laiho

Belgium | Flanders’ FOOD | Emma Sidgwick (only attending request from Belgium companies)

Denmark | Food and Bio Cluster Denmark | Thorkild Frandsen

Spain | Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA)

Want to know more about what we can do for you concerning new connections and value-chains creation? Send us an email to or contact us in this link:


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