Bioswitch Toolbox



Take this bio-based readiness test now to understand at which stage of the transition from fossil-based to bio-based you are!


You may find our Learning and Awareness Tools interesting and useful if you are at the beginning of your bio-based transition journey, if you don’t even know that a bio-based change is possible or understand what it implies.
Here you will find more information and evidence to convince you to make a step forward.

Webinar reviewing best practices and a set of different case studies of brand owners who successfully switched to bio-based approaches.

Video with extracts from the BIOSWITCH webinar presenting the success stories of different brand owners which can act as motivation.

Know more about the BIOSWITCH project, as well as the main incentives and motivations for brand owners making the switch from fossil-based to bio-based.

Information about how consumers conceive and understand bio-based products, and the incentives and motivations that drive them to purchase them instead of fossil-based alternatives.

Understanding the main barriers perceived by brand owners is the first step to overcome them. This infographic provides insights into these barriers as well as background and supporting information to help brand owners bust some of the bio-based myths.


You may find our Adoption Tools very useful in order to accelerate your journey when you are at the medium stages of the bio-based transition journey.

At this stage you understand the benefits of switching to bio-based and the feasibility of the transition but would still benefit from some guidance on how to: implement new value chains, convince your management or new investors about the benefits of switching to bio-based alternatives/technologies and properly communicate to customers how the switch to bio-based will benefit them.

Get to know more about the project: what it is about, how a stakeholder can engage and benefit from it!

Find who can support you in each EU country during your transition to bio-based materials and processes.

Set of communication guidelines, customisable messages, and materials that brand owners can use on social media to reach customers and consumers and make them aware of the relevance of switching from fossil-based to bio-based approaches.


If you have implemented bio-based approaches to a great extent, but you feel that you may still benefit from some guidance to make the most out of your transition, you may find our Consolidation Tools very useful.

Here you will find tools to raise awareness among your staff on the advantages of being bio-based, on how to properly develop and improve the needed value chain and on how to make the most out of open innovation ecosystems.

Key facts and figures to gain and share knowledge about why a bio-based approach is important, including best practice case studies.

Overview of Open Innovation in the bio-based area and why it is needed

Introduction video to some key Open Innovation tools.

What do you need to implement Open Innovation? Take 2 minutes to fill in this test and receive a customised assessment about the best tools and practices to promote and expand an Open Innovation strategy in your organisation.