BIOSWITCH research referenced in EU publication


BIOSWITCH research referenced in EU publication

One of the research papers published within the framework of the BIOSWITCH project has been referenced in an Independent Expert Report elaborated by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission: A framework approach for bioeconomy strategy development : 10 policy recommendations for building national bioeconomies toward a fair and just climate neutral Europe

The study was quoted to support a recommendation to invest in research support infrastructure for strengthening the development of the EU bioeconomy. Research is recommended as the shortest and most cost-effective route in highlighting the concerns of industries and the consumer patterns of behaviour. As the transition to a sustainable and circular bioeconomy will require changes in behaviour of primary producers, consumers, and society; understanding and addressing their concerns and resistance is a key role of policy.

The paper mentioned is Understanding Consumer Perspectives of Bio‑Based Products—A Comparative Case Study from Ireland and The Netherlands that was published in MDPI’s journal Sustainability 2021, Volume 13, Issue 11.

The research consisted of a comparative study to understand consumer perspectives in relation to bio-based products in Ireland and The Netherlands, and it was carried out by our partners from MTU, James Gaffey, Helene McMahon, Emily Marsh; our partners from VTT Kaisa Vehmas and Tiina Kymäläinen; and our partner from BTG John Vos.

A summary of the main highlights from this research can be read in this link:

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