BIOSWITCH hosts review meeting

20210907 Review meeting

BIOSWITCH hosts review meeting

All the BIOSWITCH project partners came together online on September 2 in preparation for the review meeting that they are holding with the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) on September 7. During the session, they will review and assess all the work performed during the first year of the project.

During this period, the partners set up and mapped the overall project’s framework, researching and analysing the main needs, risks and motivations perceived by brand owners when switching to bio-based approaches. They held different regional workshops and a co-creation workshop, they elaborated a self-assessment test that any brand owners can take to understand in which level of the transition they are, and they developed the BIOSWITCH toolbox to assist the brand owners to complete their journey.

From this moment onwards, the main project activities will focus on developing a training programme that allows the roll-out and replication of the project.

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