BIOSWITCH presented at ExpandFibre Ecosystems event

20210608 ExpandFibre

BIOSWITCH presented at ExpandFibre Ecosystems event

Our partner Emily Marsh, from Munster Technological University, presented the BIOSWITCH project at an invite-only event hosted by the ExpandFibre Ecosystem, 3 June 2021.

The event, which counted with around 90 attendees from bio-based industry related fields, included different presentations and parallel sessions with workshop, all held in a digital environment. There, Emily presented the main outcomes of BIOSWITCH, as well as the results of the research on brand owners’ perceptions when switching to bio-based: the main risks, barriers, needs and incentives.

The session was organized by the ExpandFibre initiative, an R&D collaboration and an Ecosystem launched by Fortum and Metsä Group to accelerate the development of sustainable bioproducts. It focuses on upgrading pulp fibres, hemicellulose and lignin from renewable and sustainable sources of straw and northern wood into new bioproducts. Its ambition is to meet the growing demands for sustainable textile fibres and other added value biomaterials.

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