Pan-European co-creation workshop


Pan-European co-creation workshop

The BIOSWITCH partners are hosting a workshop Shaping a global set of solutions for perceived risks when switching from fossil-based to bio-based approaches, February 17th, from 10:00 to 11:30 (CET).

We would like to invite brand owners, bio-based industry, public administration, researchers, consumers and anyone with an interest in together formulating recommendations for efficient solutions to mitigate the potential risks of switching to bio-based approaches.

The session will consist of a co-creation workshop to evaluate the risks and shape solutions for switching from fossil-based to bio-based approaches on a European-wide level.

The results from the four regional workshops in Finland, Belgium, Spain and Denmark on proposed mitigation actions for switching to bio-based will be presented and validated.

The overall aim of the pan-European workshop is to bring together important stakeholders, validate the findings of BIOSWITCH framework study and formulate recommendations to further support the uptake of bio-based solutions and the European bioeconomy.

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